The Montclair Drifters Offer Holiday Cheer

Every year IHN holds a holiday party for families we have helped over the years. We depend on a volunteer group to plan it, provide food, music and festivities. When former coordinator Jamelle Straker called us to see how her group, the Montclair Drifters, could help the organization, we offered several ideas including the holiday party. Little did we know that the Drifters are experts at throwing a good party! After meeting with us, Jamelle and Drifters VP Penny Corum went to work.

The result? The Drifters provided IHN families with a stunning party featuring beautiful décor and a catered buffet dinner, They had a photographer on hand who took the picture of each family and provided them with a framed photo. They also recruited Jazz House Kids to perform the best music we’ve heard in a long time! What an inspiration it was for the IHN children to see older kids playing so skillfully. The Drifters as well as Cathy Klein and daughters guided the younger children with crafts.