Smith Family Finds “Home for Good”

We really didn’t see it coming.

Knowing the lease on our home was about to expire, Martyse and I had saved up a little extra for moving. But it turned out that no one would rent to us. I had a past eviction on my credit report and the rental companies wouldn’t see past it.

We wanted to stay in the same town until our three kids finished the school year so we had to start staying in motels. But that got expensive, so by the time school ended, we were left with a few hundred dollars. We had no choice but to split up and move in with parents and friends.

By now, we were desperate for a solution. Thankfully, Martisa found IHN. At first, I didn’t want any part of staying in a shelter, but she convinced me that it would be a safe, clean environment for our children. And it was! Then after about a month, one of IHN’s Home for Good apartments opened up.

Working with Brenda Myrick, we moved in about a year ago and have been trying to rebuild our lives. As part of the Home for Good program, we meet with IHN for weekly case management services to see how we’re doing with meeting our goals. It takes hard work to move forward, especially in this economy but I’m just grateful to IHN for giving us a hand-up. We’re not where we used to be, but we’re getting there!