Shomrei Emunah Showers IHN Families with Gifts

Congregation Shomrei Emunah has a history of “adopting” IHN families for the holidays and buying gifts on their wish list through their Shomrei Shares program. This year, Shomrei and IHN Staff member Amanda Seeff-Charny had a different idea. Knowing that families lose most of their possessions when they’re evicted, she thought it made sense as part of our Home for Good program to have IHN ask families to fill out a registry of items needed to rebuild their homes and better care for their families.

0211ladyholdingNext, Shomrei conducted a drive, the result being nine tall boxes filled to the top with wrapped giftsof sheets, towels, pots, colanders, potholders, blenders, and more. Our families were grateful to be the recipients of such generous and thoughtful gifts — a terrific boon to their homes for the year.

Left: Laurence Howard will use his gifts to set up his household for the care of his niece.