IHN In Need of Grocery Gift Cards

The Interfaith Hospitality Network has recently seen a spike in the number of families needing food assistance. The reason? Most of our clients cite the economy.

Hearing that it has improved for many, most low income families tell us they haven’t noticed a difference. Given the high cost of living in Essex County, N.J., the slightest negative change in a family’s income can set off a bout of food insecurity. And as the school year ends, so does access to the free lunch program, putting families at an even greater disadvantage.

Thankfully, IHN can often help families with food by providing grocery gift cards donated to the organization. Social worker Brenda Myrick notes, “With no room for a food pantry, we have found that grocery gift cards are an ideal way to help our families. Being able to give moms and dads gift cards to stores like Shop-Rite or Pathmark enables them to buy what they most need. Plus, they can buy fresh fruits and vegetables in their efforts to follow a healthy diet, putting into practice what they’ve learned in our health workshops.”

Please help — our grocery gift card supply is dangerously low. Consider donating cards from Pathmark, Shop-Rite, or Target in $10 or $25 increments to IHN so our families can continue to feed their children healthy meals. Cards may be mailed or dropped off to Interfaith Hospitality Network at 46 Park St., Montclair, N.J. 07042.