IHN familes get their house spruced up

For Corbin Berry, giving back to the community comes naturally. He’s watched his father, David, help IHN for as long as he can remember. So when it was time to choose an Eagle Scout Project he looked no further than IHN. The requirements for a project were that it had to benefit the community while demonstrating his skills as a leader.

After tossing around some ideas with IHN staff, Corbin grabbed hold of the opportunity to provide renovations to a 4-family house where families from IHN’s Shelter Program live. He visited the house to determine the scope of the project and decided to renovate portions of it by painting interior walls and exterior ties on the outside, replacing two stone steps on the back porch, improving the inside hallway, and landscaping the front yard.

Corbin depended on help from his family (especially his dad!) and volunteers in his troop. To raise more than the $1,000 needed to purchase all the necessary supplies, he appealed to shoppers outside of Kings in Maplewood Village, members of the Maplewood Rotary and his church, Wyoming Presbyterian.

Now that the project has been completed, Corbin not only has the satisfaction of a job well done and a completed Eagle Scout Project, but, more importantly, the appreciation that the families showed him. He says, “(they) showed a lot of gratitude towards my effort. It’s really something I will always remember.”