Happy Mother’s Day From IHN!

We wish to thank you for your continued support of families facing a housing crisis. Your generosity as donors and volunteers helps these moms in our shelter and home for good programs on their journey to housing stability and sustainability. Our goal is to ensure that families in the IHN programs never face homelessness again. To that end, our services extend beyond emergency shelter, and we ensure families stay in touch even after they’ve achieved housing stability. We are happy to share the following message from one of our moms who participated in the IHN Mother’s Day Brunch. Thank you for making these special occassions truly special for families in need in our communities!
Thank you so very much for creating the experience of the IHN Mother’s Day Luncheon! It was such a necessary awakening for me! I live alone with two children, soon to embrace an empty nest. No family or social support system.
It’s been 10 years since IHN helped me find my way back home, (feels like months ago in light of the current housing crisis) I’ve been wrapped in a cocoon for 10 years afraid to spread my wings.
When your foundation has crumbled under you, stripped of a means to be able to support yourself and family, there’s no key to the entrance door of your sanctuary (home) at the close of the business day. You daydream for your sense of normal. It’s devastating and crippling. I recall being literally frozen. We were the last family to leave our group, but IHN staff helped me stay encouraged and stabilized.
Breaking bread with each other, sharing joyful tears and war stories (that we can now reflect upon and laugh about) networking with one another from what we’ve learned, exchanging contacts to create our own support system all because of the common thread we share. We now experience that we will continue to thrive because we’re not alone.
I enjoyed Jacquelyn Graham’s song of unity for us and Reverend Thurselle C. Williams’ inspirational words to remind me to nuture my spirit and care for my body. It was nice to be honored and served on this day. As mothers we don’t receive recognition for the daily grind and efforts we put forth. Not to say that we do it for that reason but it feels good in my soul to receive. My wings have unfolded, my source of strength is rejuvenated, all because I can now let go because the waters have calmed. I appreciate you IHN family!