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Awards and Grants to IHN

This year, the Montclair Foundation, and the Montclair Fund for Women awarded $10,000 each to IHN to support programs that address homelessness among low income families living in Montclair. Additionally, Partners for Health foundation, also based in Montclair, made a grant of $4,000 to help IHN produce a new promotional video. The Montclair Foundation awarded IHN $10,000 to help 5 – 6 low income families in Montclair receive assistance to prevent homelessness through case management services. This funding will also support the IHN After School Program which provides free K-12 tutoring and camp and enrichment opportunities to low income children served by IHN. Additionally, parents will be provided with free workshops on effective strategies that help them secure gainful employment, and they will be provided with budgeting, bill paying and savings strategies to improve their financial position. The Montclair Fund for Women awarded IHN a $10,000 grant to support the Home for Good program, which provides on-going support services to low income women and children living in area housing.  Research indicates that providing housing alone for an at-risk population is not enough to assure stability in housing. Sustainability greatly improves through ongoing case management and support for the entire family. To that end, working poor parents who seek help from IHN receive case management by highly experienced Social Workers to help stabilize their income and obtain housing. This grant will help IHN provide homeless and newly-housed families with case management services so they can gain the stability necessary to acquire or maintain their housing. Additionally, this grant will underwrite educational opportunities for the IHN social services staff to build their skill set to help serve extremely low income families that seek our help. Partners for Health Foundation, also a Montclair based organization, granted IHN $4,000 to produce a short video summarizing IHN services. The video will be used in fundraising and awareness raising activities. Featured in the video are key IHN programs such as the Shelter Program, the Home for Good Program (rapid re-housing and family support), and our K-12 After School Program. Also featured are volunteers from various churches and synagogues that support our programs, volunteer tutors and job trainers that work one on one with our clients and their children, and IHN board members and staff. We are grateful to these local organizations for their generosity and support in addressing the needs of homeless families in Essex County!