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We can all make a difference for families by understanding the issues that contribute to homelessness and the opportunities to get involved as a volunteer or advocate. Dig into the websites below to get a better understanding of family homelessness and how organizations and various government agencies are addressing solutions.


National Organizations


Local Organizations


Advocacy for Children


Studies and Initiatives on Homelessness

Study of Financial Hardship in New Jersey, United Way of Northern New Jersey

The 2012 Annual Homeless Assessment Report

Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness

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"We are as much helped and impacted by the people with whom we serve as they are hopefully helped. We did it because God is constantly moving on the hearts of our laity, showing them where the work is being done and inviting us to join. Sometimes we get it right, hear clearly from God, and respond appropriately. This is one of those times."
A pastor from a congregation that provides emergency shelter